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None of my work is illegal, rather topical and can be illustrations, paintings on canvases or on anything you desire.

London's Recession

Here is a painting on a vast scale I presented for the final project's exhibition at the end of my foundation year. Painted with ink and various paints, it provides a visual portrayal of the economic downturn facing us, whilst facilitating humorous connotations that satirise the severity of the situation in almost comic style fashion, The painting inspired me to create a 3d form of the idea and provoked a response of a ten minute animation that combined both 3d and 2d elements. In all, one can perceive it how one would like to and that is the beauty of it, its ambiguity but clear message: the recession has hit London bad.

Poster for German Play
Here one can find the leaflet this painting and I very much enjoyed the process of transferring my illustrative skills and imagination into the format of advertising. The mixed media approach here in the dark cutout like style is there for the implications of the play, after all it is an advert and it proved very successful, achieving sell out performances. Using a graphics tablet and working from photos and developing textures I was able to complete this work.

Year: 2011
Medium: Design & Illustration
Size: 30cm x 20cm

This poster/advertisement was made using spray paint to try and convey the lines captured in slow exposure, when photographing a motorway. 

Window Shopping
Something our country is all too fond of and more so as a result of the recession. The desire for purchasing new things has not fallen, yet grown almost as if the prices have become attractive due to their rise. This painting is in a style only using large brushes and colours that if were to rationalise the correctness would find the term abstract written all over them. This is what i wanted to achieve, however, as by using eccentric colour mixed with murky browns it was a case of going with the flow and just seeing what happened.
Year: 2009
Medium: Painting
Size: 60cm x 50cm

Cityscape on a Slope
The meaning of this work is interpretable in the work itself and the title. The style is graphic and is there to emphasise the decline of the city. What was once a place to aspire to live in, has now become overcrowded and brought about devastating effects on the world's economy. 

Here is a design I was commissioned to do for Square Mile for their cuff-links. I am unsure whether or not they came into production but it was good fun. I have developed my own letter style and enjoy writing just about anything in this style.
Devil Hoody
Sculpture came as a challenge for me, something that I appreciate with awe as it combines all the elements of art and can become so real. I enjoyed making this clay sclupture of a 'hoody', a youth misguided in life, turning to crime, bearing a knife as if he has killed someone. This piece questions our society today and the lives of youths and their choices. If one chooses crime from a young age, their destiny is dictated by their willingness to continue with the wrong path. Thus this piece contemplates the fact that although they commit felonies and have made bad decisions, they are human and they can learn from their mistakes.

Year: 2009
Medium: Sculpture
Size: 20cm x 20cm

A sculpture I did at Central Saint Martins. An assigned project using rolled up pieces of paper to make a stable structure. I was pleased with the result, as although it seems chaotic, it is planned and organised. 

We had to create a sculpture on the wall using pretty much anything we could find in a skip! I chose to create an eye using black and white paint, a bike wheel and a shuttlecock. Abstract, but making the most of the means available and was pleased with the result. 

This old school animation machine was created using only books. Strapped together with masking tape it revolves a cog, creating the motion of a bird walking along. I made it with consideration of the roots of animation and paid homage to the genius' who founded the genre. 

Sculpture on paper 
Here I have produced a life drawing with a twist. The shapes across the form are liberal but make sense. They come neither out of shadows nor signs of old age. They are my choice where I put them and to some extent I believe they work. They are there to not only develop a sense of structure as if preparing for a creation of a sculpture, but also to express a new form that of sculpture on a page.
Year: 2009
Medium: Drawing, Sketching
Size: 50cm x 50cm

Drawing from life is fundamental for any artist and my choice of position for this model was to develop this particular skill. It seems such a squashed pose, but it reveals the endless limits of observational perspectives. I believe this cramped like position develops the title to some extent, as while one remains bedridden, not moving, one cannot dulfil ones goals and thus the limits are their out of laziness. This is a critisism of modern society and the lack of zest and motivation that so many have.

Year: 2009
Medium: Drawing, Sketching
Size: 120cm x 100cm
The punch
This medium of graphite and erasing is one of my own techniques I have developed. I believe it comes across that technique in formulating this production is symbolic of what this piece actually portrays. If one were to consider this is a hand punching what seems thin air, one could claim it is a criticism of life and its abundance of questions that arise out of it. No matter how hard one pushes themselves the most difficult questions remain unanswered and this is almost an image of frustration because of that.
Year: 2009
Medium: Drawing, Sketching
Size: 200cm x 100cm
Observational drawing is a useful skill for animation. Whether it is landscape or life, it's all relative and useful to practice. It makes you develop your own style and helps invigorate the imagination of future scenes that you may create. 

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