About Me

I am Robert Hall and 'the candinsky' is my alter ego. Here is a classic example of my thinking outside the box. The can used for  Graffiti is one of my professions. Oh, and there you can also find my article 'Is Graffiti Art?'

I'm 22 and have directed, produced and written all the pieces that can be found in the section Animations and Films. Yes, my unique style and skills were developed at Central Saint Martins.

Most importantly, I have good ideas. I have been commissioned to come up with designs. Take a look at my Artwork, Adverts and Designs section to see what I can do for you. 

So, have no worries when sending me a brief to thecandinsky@gmail.com. I've got serious passion for all things creative done properly. If you dislike the result, you don't pay a thing. You will find my  price is very reasonable

If you have time take a look at the For sale section 

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